Education of girl child


Girls’ education is essential for the proper social and economic development of the country. Both men and women move parallel to the two equal wheels in society. Therefore, both are important components of development and progress of the country. Thus whenever it comes to education, both of them need equal opportunity.

Benefits of education of girls in India

Girls’ education is essential in the country for the future of the country because women are the first teachers of their children who are the future of the country. Uneducated women can not contribute to family management and fail to take proper care of children. Thus the future generations may be weak. There are many benefits of girls’ education. Some are mentioned as follows.

  • Educated women are more capable of shaping their future.
  • Educated women are able to reduce poverty due to work and financially strong.
  • There is less risk of child mortality due to educated women.
  • Educated women are able to defend their children by 50% more than other women.
  • Educated women are less likely to get in touch with HIV / AIDS.
  • Educated women are less likely to be victims of domestic or sexual violence.
  • Educated women have reduced corruption and have changed the conditions that lead to terrorism.
  • Educated women are doing better to contribute to family income.
  • Educated women are healthy and they have a lot of self esteem and confidence.
  • Educated women help contribute and enrich their community.
  • Women who are educated have the ability to promote education in others.

Only a part of the nation can be educated by educating a man while educating a woman can educate the whole country. The lack of education of girls has weakened the powerful part of society. Therefore, women should have full control of education and they should not be considered as weak from men.

Contribution of girl’s duty and education

There are three roles that women play during their life – daughter, wife and mother. In addition to playing these important duties, he has to establish himself as a good citizen of the nation. Therefore, like boys, it is important to give different types of education to girls too. Their education should be in such a way that they can be able to fulfill their duties properly. Through education, they become completely mature in all areas of life. An educated woman well knows about her duties and rights. They can contribute to the development of the country as men.

Facts responsible for low rates of education of girls

There are many factors that are responsible for less education of women in society

  • Poverty
  • Distance
  • Parental negative thinking
  • Low school facilities
  • Religious Factors
  • Child marriage
  • Child labour


Although education is free, the cost of sending children to school is very high. It includes school costumes, stationery, books and vehicles costs, which is very high for families living below the poverty line. Even if they can not afford one-day meal, educational expenditure is very distant. This is the reason parents like to keep their daughter at home.


Elementary school is situated far away from the villages in many parts of India. It takes 4-5 hours to reach the school. Keeping in mind the security and other security factors, the parents refuse to go to school.


Girls at school sometimes have to face different forms of violence. They are harassed by school teachers, students and others involved in the school administration. Therefore, the girls’ parents think that girls can not be safe at that place and hence they are refused to go to school.

Negative behaviors

People generally think that a girl should cook, keep the house clean and learn domestic tasks because it is the first duty of the girl’s life. His contribution in household chores is more valuable than his education.

Child marriage

In the Indian society, cases of child marriage are still present. A girl is forced to marry at an early age and is often taken out of school at a very young age. Due to early marriage, they become pregnant at a young age and in this way they give their children all the time and they have no time left to study.

Child labor

This is also a major reason to stop girls from studying. This is the main factor in preventing study and work to earn money at an early age. Due to poverty, parents put pressure on girls to work at a younger age and for this reason girls are stopped from studies.

Religious Factors

India is a vast country and contains various religions. Some religious teachers have also refused to educate the girl. According to him, it is against their religion.Parents need to educate the girls about the qualities and benefits of education. This is not only the duty of the government but also the responsibility of the people around us. The best part is that our Prime Minister has made a very good initiative for the education of girls through the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ campaign in the villages. According to him, if we want to develop our country then we have to educate all the girls.


India is now a major country on the basis of education of women. Indian history is full of talented women. It includes female philosophers such as Gargi, Visabbarra and Maitreya. Other famous women include Mirabai, Durgabati, Ahalyabia and Lakshmibai. In today’s time, all the great and historical women of India are the source of inspiration. We can never ignore their contributions to the society and the country.Women should be given equal opportunities in education like men and they should not be deprived of any development opportunities. Proper awareness program is essential for the importance and progress of the level of education of girls across the country, especially in rural areas. A knowledgeable woman can educate her entire family and the whole country.


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