There are Way more than two states of water

When it comes to states of matter, you’re probably familiar with the big three: solid, liquid, and gas. You may even be familiar with the more exotic (yet also more plentiful) plasma state. But those are just the states you see in everyday life. In extreme conditions like supercooled laboratory chambers or the cores ofContinue reading “There are Way more than two states of water”

The ancient underground city was big enough to house 20000 people

Chicago, like a lot of other modern cities, has a hidden secret: It’s home to miles of passageways deep underground that allow commuters to get from one place to another without risking nasty weather. Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Dallas all have their own networks of underground tunnels, as well. But there’s a placeContinue reading “The ancient underground city was big enough to house 20000 people”

This MIT student wants to contact aliens with a massive laser beam

If you’re looking to communicate with distant aliens, laser power is your best friend. A new early-stage study proposes creating a beacon from Earth that could be seen as far as 20,000 light-years away — or about 5,000 times further than the nearest star system from Earth, Alpha Centauri. It’s a new way to tellContinue reading “This MIT student wants to contact aliens with a massive laser beam”

Education of girl child

introduction Girls’ education is essential for the proper social and economic development of the country. Both men and women move parallel to the two equal wheels in society. Therefore, both are important components of development and progress of the country. Thus whenever it comes to education, both of them need equal opportunity. Benefits of educationContinue reading “Education of girl child”

List of Top Cryptocurrencies 2015 – 2018

Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Bitcoincash & bitcoingold Ripple (XRP) IOTA Dark coin (Dash) Tether Name coin Nxt Peercoin Dogecoin In our opinion, the most relevant cryptocurrencies here in 2018 are: Bitcoin: Bitcoin is an easy pick. It was the first major usable cryptocurrency; it has the highest market cap; its coins trade at the highest costContinue reading “List of Top Cryptocurrencies 2015 – 2018”

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